Sharing the word of God, creatively and respectfully.

Hi it’s Jeff here, Founder and Artistic Director of Totally Righteous Tees, thank you for stopping by.

I truly believe in the transformative power of God’s love and how it affects positive change in peoples lives every minute of every day. As a Christian Photographer, Graphic Designer and Musician, I love sharing the gospel through my designs, fine art photography and music. All my designs are created with Godly intention, to artistically celebrate Christianity in a spiritually respectful way.

Totally Righteous Tees - Designer Christian Apparel

On a mission trip with my church, photographing a group of children at a school built in a Cambodian jungle. Without this school and others like it, these beautiful children would be working in the fields or worse, sold into human trafficking. We were there to find out how we could get involved in such an amazing life transforming project. 


We are first and foremost a Christian design company, we chose apparel as our medium to take the word of Christ to the streets and beyond. From our very first design, we’ve always aimed for a style that is no where to be found in Christian apparel, designs unique and powerful you would be proud to wear. 

Each design we create is exclusive and copyrighted to Totally Righteous Tees. The best quality apparel is chosen to give you years of wearability, comfort, fit and style.

More than the amazing apparel we make, we are Christians, we believe Christ is our Lord and Saviour and live life as close as we can to His teachings. We are dedicated to serving our Lord through thoughtful and respectful action including our day to day business practices.


For decades, Jeff has served by being actively involved in his church as Lead Guitarist on the Worship Team, a member of the Board of Directors, organizer and volunteer and photographer for community outreach programs and mission trips. Lovingly donating funds, talent and time to celebrate Gods Kingdom.  

This humble cafe´ built in a beautiful century old church is one of Jeff's passion projects, he donated the equipment and volunteers there. The cafe´ and church are a beacon of hope for the congregation and local community. On Thursday evenings we celebrate local artists, musicians and poets with a two-three hour event that provides a much needed venue for up and coming artists, a supportive and empowering space to share their art with the community.

Totally Righteous Tees Designer Christian Apparel

All net proceeds from the sale of coffees and bake goods goes to combating human trafficking, projects like the school in Cambodia as well as local safe houses and transition houses for survivors of human trafficking. With the help of our dedicated team of volunteers and patrons, we have raised over $10,000 for these causes. It is so awesome to see Gods work in action!!

I hope you've gotten to know us a little better, yes we are a business, but we are so much more than that. If you have any questions or would just like to say hi, my email is always open!